About Us

Here be roughly twenty-ish ukes of all shapes, sizes, and pedigrees, played by a similarly esoteric bunch of people. The music you hear was not meant to be played on ukulele: classic rock, new wave hits, rap and dance-pop tunes, recent Top40, torch song classics, and all sorts of other bits and bobs of musical history. Just no ukulele music. This is a group rarely technically correct in the spelling or pronunciation of their compact instruments, let alone in the playing of them. And the results make for refreshing surprises. 

The enthusiasm is contagious. The fun fills any stage and floods in all directions.  

Formed in 2011 in Silver Lake, and long headquartered at the now-defunct landmark Reform School (RIP), the band currently operates out of a secret cave underneath Sonomama in Highland Park. TheUOWH has a long history playing at local venues such as El Cid and The Coffee Gallery, and has a particular enthusiasm for appearances at community festivals, school fairs, retirement homes, and sketchy traveling circuses.

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